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          2022-05-11 14:36:00  來源:大眾報業·齊魯壹點  

          記者 王建偉 翻譯 王曉瑩 海報設計 帥為 牛長靖


          Shandong boasts a time-honored history and rich culture. It is an important cradle of the Chinese civilization and the birthplace of the Confucian culture, thus enjoying the name of the Hometown of Confucius and Mencius and the State of Proprieties and Ceremonies. A galaxy of thinkers, statesmen, military strategists and scientists, such as Confucius, Mencius, Sunzi and Mozi, were born here.

          深耕齊魯大地,齊魯晚報?齊魯壹點扛起新型主流媒體的責任擔當,不斷加強國際傳播能力建設,講好山東故事,傳播好山東聲音,積極推動以儒學為主干的中華優秀傳統文化走出去。為進一步做好好客山東、好人山東、好品山東的推介,報道好山東豐富多彩的對外交流活動,齊魯晚報?齊魯壹點今日重磅推出對外傳播品牌“WOW!Shandong”,全新上線對外傳播頻道,首批推出“Shandong Calendar”“Bilingual Analects of Confucius”“The Sacred Sagas of Confucius”“Shandong Live”等系列雙語產品,讓外國友人更好地了解山東、關注山東,向世界立體地展示好一個繁榮發展、開放自信的新山東。

          Deeply rooted in Shandong Province, Qilu Evening News & Qilu Yidian shoulders the responsibility of new mainstream media, continues to strengthen the capacity for international communication, further tells the stories and spreads the voice of Shandong Province, and shares Chinese fine traditional culture with other countries, Confucianism as the core. In order to further promote Shandong’s hospitality, good quality products and good people, as well as report on the colorful foreign exchanges of Shandong Province in a better way, Qilu Evening News & Qilu Yidian will launch a new foreign-oriented publicity brand “Wow! Shandong” and an international communication channel, launch a series of bilingual products such as “Shandong Calendar ” “Bilingual Analects of Confucius ”“The Sacred Sagas of Confucius ”“Shandong Live” for the first batch, to attract more foreigners know about and understand Shandong culture, present a prosperous, open and confident new Shandong Province to the world.


          Later,we will launch more abundant product lines. The series of products will be simultaneously spread on both domestic and overseas social media such as the app of Qilu Yidian, Weibo and Wechat of Qilu Evening News and twitter, in the forms of texts and pictures, interactive posters, videos and audios. Please keep focus.

          責編:王迅 易保山